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AfterScan comes in 4 flavors:

  • AfterScan Express - the mainstream shareware for casual user
  • AfterScan Professional - professional-strength tool for power user
  • AfterScan Antique - processing of ancient books with old syntax
  • AfterScan Webmaster - batch processing of multiple documents

The following table shows feature-by-feature comparison of all four versions:

Processing Options Exp. Pro. Ant. Web.
Processing of modern OCR-ed texts
Processing of typing errors
Processing of old-syntax languages
Conversion of old-syntax languages to modern syntax
Cleanup punctuation
Cleanup indents and spacing
Recover roman numerals
Recover special symbols from foreign languages
Recognize complex compounded words
Detection of shortened words and abbreviations
Detection of math and chemical formulas
Detection of HTML tags
Merge hyphenated words (de-hyphenation)
Merge space-justified words (un-justification)
Cross-file new (repeating) words detection

User Interface Options
Text reformatting feature
Advanced search/replace functionality
Custom user dictionary support and manipulation
Arbitrary text fragments protection from changes
Save and load the Journal of Modifications
Automatic group operations on Journal entries
Support for individual user grammars
Unattended processing of many documents (batch)
Batch file format conversion
PRICE: $49

The program comes in either Russian or English version. Old-syntax language processing (AfterScan Antique) is currently available for Russian language only. 

Please, follow these links to see the real-life examples of AfterScan in work, and some screenshots.


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