01/01/2015- AfterScan 6.3 is released with bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

Key Switcher 2.7 is released. Add some magic in to your PC.
Screenshots and samples are here!

Download the evaluation version of AfterScan Express and try it risk-free! 

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Welcome to AfterScan - an advanced spell-checker and the ultimate automatic proofing and correction tool! AfterScan will meticulously search for errors in the text documents. When it finds an unrecognized word it will attempt to fix it using its vast knowledge base of many kinds of text input errors, such as scanned text recognition (OCR) errors and typing errors. It will find errors in your documents. No text is error-free until it is checked by AfterScan! 

Features at a glance:

  • Advanced spell-checking and powerful text analysis 
  • Automatic correction of recognition (OCR) and typing errors
  • Indents/spacing/punctuation cleaning
  • Reformatting of old documents with fixed breaks, spacing and hyphenation.
  • Unattended batch processing and error logging
  • Easy manual error correction via the Journal of Modifications

Screenshots and samples are available. See for yourself how easy and powerful a spell-check can be! Better yet - DOWNLOAD the fully functional evaluation version and try it yourself!

How AfterScan is different from a spell-checker?

  • Spell-checker only finds and underlines unknown words. AfterScan corrects them! There are over 5000 correction rules in AfterScan's knowledge base and over sixty analysis algorithms.
  • Spell-checker perceives any unknown word as an error. AfterScan finds real errors and detects new words, names, abbreviations, mathematical and chemical formulas, etc.
  • Spell-checker stops if there are too many errors. AfterScan fixes them all!
  • It takes approximately 5 seconds to correct one error manually. AfterScan makes hundreds of modifications per second.
  • Spell-checker's custom dictionary is limited in size. There is no size limit on AfterScan's user dictionary!
  • Spell-checker underlines unknown words but you have to scroll through the whole document to find and correct them. AfterScan lists all unknown and corrected words in the interactive Journal of Modifications where you can see all errors and fixes at a glance. But there's more! You can make changes right in the Journal and they will be automatically updated into the text!

AfterScan saves your time, money and efforts! When your text is about to be published after all editing, proofing and extensive spell-checking, run AfterScan and have a cup of coffee while it finds this small error you missed. Try it risk-free today and you will never go back to the regular spell-checkers!


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